WARNING: Before making any attempts to remove spots, always test fabric for colorfastness first by applying a small amount of the cleaning solution or chemical on a hidden or unnoticeable area. The tips listed here are NOT guaranteed to work in every case and may have a negative affect. When using any chemical or liquid on fabric you should PROCEED WITH CAUTION. If you are unsure as to how your carpet or upholstery might be affected you should call a professional cleaning technician in your area.


DO-IT-YOURSELF TIPS FOR REMOVING BLOOD STAINS OR CLEANING BLOOD SPOTS: Soak or rub washable fabric with cold water until the stain is almost gone, then wash with warm water and a detergent. For old or stubborn stains, apply a few drops of ammonia* and wash again with detergent. On nonwashable fabric, sponge the stain with cold or lukewarm water. Sponging with a little hydrogen peroxide* will usually remove any fianl traces of the stain. If not, use a chlorine bleach*, depending on the material. Blood stains that have been set by heat are very difficult if not impossible to remove, but on cottons and linens, a warm solution of trisodium phosphate will usually remove such stains.