Will Not Be Cleaning My Own Carpets Anymore

I have cleaned my own carpets for many years because I have been so dissatisfied with the past work that I have received when I hired a professional company (resoils quickly/don't spend enough time on difficult areas/just too expensive to have come frequently).  But I didn't have the time or energy right to spend a whole day doing a very difficult carpet cleaning job so I decided to carefully select someone and pay them to do it. I selected Plush Carpet Cleaning because of online reviews and because their estimate over the phone was about half of the other provider I was considering. Partway into the job, I was temporarily a little disappointed because it didn't appear that this "dry cleaning" method was going to be very effective. But by the time that he finished all of the steps in the process, I was more comfortable and then when it was completely dry I was very happy with the outcome. The carpet was never very wet. BTW, you do have to vacuum the entire area cleaned after it is completely dry to remove any of the fine 'dust' that remains -- I couldn't see it, but it felt better after I vacuumed.  The smell after cleaning was wonderfully fresh and now, four weeks later, the areas he worked on still look and feel very clean. Some of the carpet is 20 years old so of course those areas do not look brand new, but they do look clean. The newer carpeting does look new. For this visit I used a coupon I found on Plush's website and the technician left me with some coupons to use on future visits. I will not be cleaning my own carpets anymore because I cannot achieve the quality of Plush myself and their prices are reasonable enough for me to hire them on a regular basis.  They will even come out and do just 2 rooms for $35 with the coupon the technician left me. I appreciate that because my most heavily used rooms need cleaning on a much more frequent basis than the rest of my home.

Cindy Huntbach