More People Need to Know

"More people need to know about dry cleaning -- Steam cleaning has been the pits for us in the past."

Keith Sorensen

Felt Completely Comfortable Having Him Around My Children

I called on Saturday, they came Monday! They cleaned 5 rooms and gave me a deal on protectant (about 50% off). I was skeptical about the non-truck mounted system, but I decided to give it a try because I didn't want to pay the higher prices. I also talked to my brother in-law who used to own a carpet cleaning business (and used a truck mounted system). My carpets look great! And are clean! And already dry! (within a couple of hours after being cleaned)! The service man got there right on time and he was clean. I felt completely comfortable having him around my children.

Micah Olson

Friendly, Courteous, and Very Thorough

"The technician was exceptionally good. It was evident that he took great pride in doing a good job. He was friendly, courteous, and very thorough in cleaning, unlike others I have had in the past. In the past I used another carpet cleaning company and the work they did cannot compare with the work you do. I cannot say enough for Plush Carpet Cleaning and the technician that did the work today. He is the best! Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my carpet"

Rose Chynoweth

Comfortable with Technicians

"Always the nicest techs; very helpful and courteous. I always feel comfortable having your techs in my home and around my children. Thanks for great service, always."

LaDawn Mason

Thank You for Coming!

"Thank you for coming on short notice today! I had family coming from out of town sooner than expected. I knew Plush would do it right and that it would be dry by the time our company got here tonight."

Prices are Excellent

"Your prices are excellent. Always been really friendly."

Beverly Thomas

Job Well Done

"I feel it necessary to compliment you on a job well done. I found the quality of not only the cleaning, but the service well deserving of praise. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and shall recommend you highly to all of my colleagues."

Robert M. Wilford

Clean, Not Just Wet

"I sure like dry cleaning over steam. I really feel my carpets are clean and not just wet."

H. DeRoest

Pleasantly Surprised

"I was pleasantly surprised at how NICE your employee was! Super great job and VERY reasonable prices!"

P. Thatcher

Pleased and Amazed

"I was pleased with the service and amazed at the cleanliness--especially of the kitchen carpet! I thought it was beyond hope."

Lorna Call

Carpet Looks Better than Ever

"The carpet looks better than it ever has! We were wondering if we needed to replace it, but now are quite surprised at how good it looks. Thank you for having such hard working, conscientious employees!"

Brent and Nancy Webster

Very Impressed

"I am very impressed with the method of cleaning and the way the service is rendered."

Belva Perkins

Best Company in the Business

"You are the best company in this business--you've got a continuing customer."

Martin Kokol

Do-It-Yourself Prices

"Pleased with not having to do it myself and it was at a Do-It-Yourself price."

Cheryle Addis

Really Impressed, Very Accommodating!

"Last month I had my carpets cleaned by one of your workers and I was really impressed. I really thought that it was going to be a big hassle to try and convince him to let me move the beds around so I could get all the carpet cleaned, but he was very accommodating and even helped move the beds. I cannot recall his name, but he is a student and really did a great job cleaning the carpets, explaining what to do afterwards, and how to keep them cleaner longer after that."

Derek E. Andrews

Don't Have to Wait for it to Dry

We've always had plush clean one of rental properties and they always do a great job. Time passed and we needed the carpets cleaned again. We had a really good coupon for a steam clean with a different company so we gave it a try and the result was... a bad choice! We ended up having Plush come back and re-clean the carpets. Plush does a chemical dry clean that is great and you don't have to wait long for it to dry like you do with steam cleaning.

Plush came on time and stayed the estimated time. They were quick and effective. The worker was professional and walked through what he had done and made sure we were happy with the job before he left.

Lance Rodela

Great Carpet Cleaning Business!

"I chose Plush because I like how the carpet doesn't get soaked with water. You're a great carpet cleaning company!"

Susan Devey

Excellent Job!

"The technician was great. He did an excellent job"

Sherrie Austin

This is Superior to Steam Cleaning

"We were amazed! Before, we've always had steam cleaning -- This is much superior! Your carpet technician gave me such a good feeling -- I decided to leave him alone to finish while I went back to work. He did an extra-mile type job. Thank you tremendously!"

Nancy Webster

Will Not Be Cleaning My Own Carpets Anymore

I have cleaned my own carpets for many years because I have been so dissatisfied with the past work that I have received when I hired a professional company (resoils quickly/don't spend enough time on difficult areas/just too expensive to have come frequently).  But I didn't have the time or energy right to spend a whole day doing a very difficult carpet cleaning job so I decided to carefully select someone and pay them to do it. I selected Plush Carpet Cleaning because of online reviews and because their estimate over the phone was about half of the other provider I was considering. Partway into the job, I was temporarily a little disappointed because it didn't appear that this "dry cleaning" method was going to be very effective. But by the time that he finished all of the steps in the process, I was more comfortable and then when it was completely dry I was very happy with the outcome. The carpet was never very wet. BTW, you do have to vacuum the entire area cleaned after it is completely dry to remove any of the fine 'dust' that remains -- I couldn't see it, but it felt better after I vacuumed.  The smell after cleaning was wonderfully fresh and now, four weeks later, the areas he worked on still look and feel very clean. Some of the carpet is 20 years old so of course those areas do not look brand new, but they do look clean. The newer carpeting does look new. For this visit I used a coupon I found on Plush's website and the technician left me with some coupons to use on future visits. I will not be cleaning my own carpets anymore because I cannot achieve the quality of Plush myself and their prices are reasonable enough for me to hire them on a regular basis.  They will even come out and do just 2 rooms for $35 with the coupon the technician left me. I appreciate that because my most heavily used rooms need cleaning on a much more frequent basis than the rest of my home.

Cindy Huntbach

Over Twenty Years

"I have been calling Plush for over 20 years! Very happy with your work!"

Sheryl C. Allman

A Steady Customer for Years

"I have been a steady customer of Plush Carpets for over ten years. They have always been prompt, courteous and done an excellent job. I have recommended them to many friends, who have in turn recommended them to others."

Helen Alexander

Never Before Had Such Professional Service!

"I have never before had such professional service done by carpet cleaners -- thank you! This is the best price I have found on dry carpet cleaning. Excellent service!"

Marianne Olsen

Pleasantly Surprised

"I was pleasantly surprised by your company. I was planning on just getting a low budget carpet cleaning and wasn't expecting much. Your service really impressed me. From the courtesy of the person on the phone when I made the appointment, to the technician assessing my needs and handing me a coupon, the service was above average. The price was very reasonable, the service was quick and well done. I will definitely use you for as long as I live in Utah County and recommend you to others. Thanks.."

Ashley Dilsaver

I'll Spread the Word!

"Since we moved here a year ago I've wanted new carpet, but a trip to the carpet store brought us home to reality! Because of the awful condition of our carpet, I didn't expect much from having it cleaned, but we were having company come so I decided to try and make it better. When I returned home after work, I was so excited and surprised at how wonderful it looked!

Another surprise was that there was no misty odor and the carpets dried rapidly! You can be sure I'll spread the word!"

Nancy Webster