Why Use Plush Carpet Cleaning?


1) Excess water causes "Wicking": Wicking occurs as excess water or moisture is applied to a carpet. As the carpet dries, the water "wicks" up from below the carpet's surface. Stains or dirt that has not been fully removed at any level will also "wick" up to the carpet's surface. This is the reason people who have had their carpets steam cleaned complain that their carpets look dirty soon after the carpet has dried. This is due to "wicking."

2) "Deep Clean?" Most steam-cleaning machines are equiped with a clear window that allows customers to watch the dirty water as it is being transported from the carpet to the machine. When you see so much dirt pass through the tube, it's natural to assume that all of the dirt is being lifted from beneath the carpet's surface, resulting in a "deep clean." But, in reality, you'll NEVER see clear water. Not seeing clear water means dirt is being removed from the surface of the carpet and immediately replaced by the dirt that has settled at lower levels of the carpet, leaving dirt (or mud) throughout the carpet. (Read about "wicking" above)

3) What about carpets that are dirtier than an "average" carpet? If a carpet is medium to heavily soiled, the chemical must be allowed enough time on the carpets in order to effectively release the dirt. However, steam cleaning is done rapidly to avoid excessive water absorption into the carpet and padding. The chemical doesn't have enough time to work properly, and with steam cleaning there is rarely any scrubbing action. Most steam cleaning is done as a one-step process. This means that the chemical is left in the carpet and not rinsed out. With our method, the absorbant pads removes much of the chemical and moisture. If any chemical is not removed with the pad, it will dry to a fine powder that is easily vacuumed up after your carpet has dried. (Click here to See independent report)


CLEANS CARPETS MUCH BETTER: As written in the University report (mentioned above), it is has been determined that our method is "Best cleaning for medium to heavily soiled carpets."

STAYS CLEANER LONGER: Because we use very little moisture in our dry cleaning, the dirt and stains won't "wick" to the surface (as explained above). Therefore, it won't "Promote resoiling" and, as mentioned in the report, it "Leaves virtually no sticky residues; thus, carpets stay cleaner longer."

CAN'T DAMAGE CARPETS: Due to the low moisture involved and our carpet-safe chemical, we have nothing that will ruin or damage your carpet.

DRIES FAST: As we finish cleaning your carpets, they are mostly dry and usually completely dry within 1-4 hours. (read report)

TRAINED PROFESSIONALS: Plush hires and trains clean-cut individuals who are committed to your satisfaction. Each of our employees understands your needs and concerns, and they are trained to address your carpet cleaning needs.

ESTABLISHED: We've been in business since 1983, serving residential and business customers ever since.

CONSERVES ON WATER: It's a relief to know that not all carpet cleaners use lots and lots of water. Plush Carpet DRY Cleaning uses a fraction of the water most other carpet cleaners use, and therefore HELPS CONSERVE WATER, even when there's not a drought.

CUSTOMERS LOVE IT: Read what our customers are saying - CLICK HERE

GUARANTEED: We stand behind our work. Many cleaning companies will charge you again if they are asked to come back for any reason. Most cleaning companies don't guarantee their work more than 24 hours or once your carpets have dried---whichever comes first. We stand behind our work and, if there is a problem, we will come back at no extra charge. Our full guarantee is for at least two weeks. If there is a problem, please contact us.

LOW PRICES: With all the reasons listed above --- OUR PRICES CAN'T BE BEAT! DISCOUNTS HERE!